Benefit of low impact training: Review of what you should know

A low impact workout is an effective way to build muscle, endurance and cardiovascular fitness without putting too much stress or strain on the joints. Low-impact training is a good way to begin (re)building a healthy habit for a lifestyle in fitness. The following exercises are low impact and can be used as part of a regular workout: Walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, and even the elliptical machine is a form of low impact training. This style is popular for many former athletes, and people who have a history of injuries or surgery. Additionally, low impact training can assist overweight people who want to limit stress on their joints and cut fat.

If you’re looking for an exercise routine that will not only give you a good workout but won’t strain your joints in the process, try low impact workouts. Low impact exercises are an excellent way to build muscle and endurance without using too much energy and risking injury. Walking is beneficial because it can be done in a variety of ways, such as the treadmill or walking on natural terrain. More popular for the romantic ambiance, walking on a beach offers many benefits. It can help build up your hamstrings and lower back muscles while strengthening stabilizers due to the unsteadiness of the sand. An added bonus is that the sand provides a natural cushion between you and the hard, uneven beach surface. This can help relieve the impact on your joints that harder surfaces may present.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hiking as a way for both their needs to be met with minimal impact and outdoor scenery. Hiking is an amazing way to get outside and enjoy nature without having to worry about the wear and tear on your joints. With hiking, you can still keep up with your daily activity levels and avoid undue stress on your body. Many people also choose hiking as a way to extend their time outdoors in all seasons, regardless of the weather.

Hiking enables us to appreciate the seasons, currently the vibrant colors of fall make hikes this time of year, one worth taking if your goal is getting outside and enjoying beautiful scenery. Hikes also provide plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself because it has plenty of twists , turns, climbs and descends. All of which will help you meet your goal of getting a good workout without risking injury.

Cycling has become one of the more popular low impact forms of training. Lance Armstrong has inspired the world! I think the reality is that cycling and other endurance sports are becoming more popular in our increasingly busy lives and people are looking for alternatives to high impact fitness training. I would recommend starting with a bike trainer at home. If you have one, great! If not, find a stationary bike and set it up on the ground.

Build in three days of easy riding with intervals every day and never over-extend your effort. Keep this low-impact training up for about four weeks before adding hills or speed work on the bike trainer. After that, if you’re feeling confident enough to start bumping up the difficulty, you can add longer rides or tempo work. The end result will be a healthier you without the risk of stressing your joints or promoting other forms of injury.

For those who want to challenge themselves a bit more than walking, hiking, or cycling. Swimming is a better form of exercise that works more muscle groups and burns more calories. Swimming also provides many of the same benefits for the circulatory and respiratory systems. Commonly, people have trouble with swimming because they are afraid of getting water on their hair, clothes, or skin. But you can use waterproofing products to ensure your items stay dry.

Swimming is a great form of exercise that works multiple muscle groups and burns more calories. Swimming helps improve lung capacity and cardiovascular system health.

Lastly, the elliptical machine can mimic running motion, add resistance, and help you burn calories. The elliptical machine is one of the most popular cardio machines. It exercises different leg muscles than a treadmill, while also working your upper body and core. There are plenty of programs like iFit that can help you get the most out of your workout, track progress, and get recommendations for different programs to try.

If you are looking to get in shape and want to keep the risk of injury. This article is to present options to assist your journey. With that said, LET’S GET MOVING!

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